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A shower door can help protect your bathroom from water damage and keep it clean for longer by preventing soap and water from spilling onto the floor. However, shower doors are prone to wear and tear over time, and they eventually lose their luster and appeal.

Does your shower door feel outdated and drab by modern standards? Does it leak constantly? Is it showing signs of corrosion? These are just a few reasons why you might need a shower door services in Clovis from the pros at Service Lab. We offer comprehensive repairs and full replacement in addition to offering custom shower door services.

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Enhance Your Clovis Bathroom with Custom Shower Doors

There may be no greater centerpiece to a remodeled or updated bathroom than a fully-custom shower door and enclosure. A custom shower door gives you the ability to have the type of glass, the design, and the features you are looking for with your bathing fixtures. They play a huge role in the overall aesthetic qualities of the space. And they can even add to the value of your home by contributing heavily to the feel and perceived value of your bathroom as a whole. Whether you’re looking to refresh your space, to do away with that outdated enclosure, or make an investment in your property that will have a fantastic return almost immediately, look to Service Lab to help you create the perfect custom shower door and enclosure system. 

We offer a variety of outstanding options, including:

  • Frameless enclosures: Looking for that sleek, modern design that helps your bathroom feel larger? A frameless enclosure has no rigid metal frame, giving it an ultra-clean look.
  • Semi-frameless enclosures: A semi-frameless enclosure has metal around glass panes, but no metal to frame the interior of the shower door or the lining at the top of the tub or the enclosure itself. 
  • Framed enclosures: Framed enclosures have a metal frame around the enclosure in its entirety and are usually constructed from thinner glass as a result.
  • Sliding door enclosures: A sliding-door enclosure uses a sliding panel on a track to function as the door. These are more common in shower/tub combos.
  • Swinging door enclosures: These are doors that are on a hinge that swings inward or outward to allow access to the shower.

Custom Glass Options: Colors, Patterns, and Laser-Cut Designs

Not all glass is created equal, and in many cases what you do with your glass is a huge part of your expression of your individual design and style preferences. At Service Lab, we offer further customization of the glass used to construct your enclosure so you can make it look exactly as you would like. 

We offer the following customization for your glass:

  • Heavy glass patterns that obscure light and provide a unique texture (as well as privacy) to your shower.
  • Glass tinting and coloring that gives your shower a unique ambiance and look.
  • Laser cut shapes and patterns for the tops of glass panels used in frameless and bath screen enclosures

Expert Shower Door Repair and Replacement in Clovis

Has your aging shower door started to lose some of its luster? Does its design no longer fit the aesthetic of what you want out of your bathroom? Whether you’re looking to remodel or just keep up appearances, talk to Service Lab about our shower door repair and replacement services. We offer custom glass solutions that include repairing a broken door, replacing or repairing cracked panes, and even repairing or replacing your door with one that looks, feels, and fits better than ever before.

We make shower door services easy! Whether you’re looking for a custom size and unique look or a standard-sized design, we make quick work of your installation and repair so you can enjoy a beautiful, functional, and stress-free shower or tub once again.

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